NYC Filming Locations

According to the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, NYC's entertainment industry account for over 305,000 jobs and have an economic output of $104 billion. It just so happens that comic book superheroes and stories rooted in New York City also happens to film as live-action series in New York City. The familiar New York landmarks seen in many of the Marvel Netflix series are spread throughout the many historic locations of New York City.

Abe Lebewohl Park

A lot of scenes in the Daredevil series took place at Abe Lebewohl Park. Interactions and deals amongst good and evil were commonplace within the recognizable landscapes of the quaint little NYC park. Abe Lebewohl was a refugee from Ukraine and served sandwiches to sports legends Muhammad Ali, Joe DiMaggio and was known to give free food to the homeless and holding events to celebrate his Ukranian-Jewish roots. 1,5000 people attended his funeral after he was gunned down at a nearby park. This park was named after him soon afterwards and is used today as a host for a greenmarket and summer concert series.

Queensboro Bridge

Being that Jessica Jones was originally from Queens in the comic books, as an easter egg relating back to the comic, the live-action series often filmed Jessica Jones crossing the Queensboro Bridge from Manhattan into Queens and vice-versa. It is one of many landmark bridges that surround the island of Manhattan and connects Queens county to Manhattan county. The bridge has 2 levels, has gone through extensive renovation in recent years and is looking better than ever.

Central Park

In the Punisher series, his family was brutally gunned down in Central Park. The show also filmed several shots in surrounding areas from apratment views in Central Park West and Columbus Circle. It is one of the most famous parks in the world overlooked by a Jungle of New York City Skyscrpers and a nature haven right smack in the middle of an urban metropolis. It has an estimated 37-38 millions visitors annually and is one of the most filmed locations in the world. It covers 843 acres but is only the 5th largest park in New York City.

Roosevelt Island Steam Plant

In the Luke Cage series a prison fight scene was filmed at the Roosevelt Island Steam Plant, a facility built in 1932. Luke Cage also gains his superpowers in this location later on in the show. There had been previous talks to turn the facility into a museum for technology, art and science, but the project never came to fruition, so now it's used for occasional television filming. 😆

Gramercy Park

In the Iron Fist series, his adopted siblings, Joy and Ward Meachums live at 19 Gramercy Park, a 37-room mansion known as the Stuyvesant Fish Residence. Dating to 1845, 19 Gramrcy Park was built for William Samuel Johnson, a Connecticut senator and one of the original signers of the Constitution. Several scenes of the show took place with the Meachums' residence.

Rockefeller Center Rooftop

In the Daredevil and Defenders series, Rockefeller Center's Hidden Rooftop Garden was one of the many de facto meeting spots for villains to forge and conspire their evil plans. The garden is typically used for events and weddings with 620 Loft.